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This story is dedicated to Lazuli who wrote me about "Candy Perfume Boy":

"I try to be good and not use the S word, but if ever a story cried out for a sequel it's this one. ... I'd so like to find out if Xander feels the need to go and buy a copy of that song!

Part two in the Candy Perfume Boys series and set about a month and a half after Candy Perfume Boy.
BtVS - Summer 4/5
Song Fic
Rated R

Thanks to Donovan for his beta.
Thanks to Lazuli for the inspiration!
For lyrics, see Madonna's 'Ray of Light' CD and the songs "Candy Perfume Girl" and "Skin."

Candy Perfume Boy


Candy Perfume Vamp

“Why do you want to buy that CD, Xander?” Anya nagged. “Wouldn’t your money be better spent buying something I like to listen to?” She took the copy of Ray of Light from her boyfriend and put it back in the bin.

Xander sighed and explained to Anya. “See, honey, you said it. It’s my money. I want this CD.” He picked it up again. Anya tried to grab it but Xander evaded. “Okay, I was hoping for a surprise, but I read this album is really great to make out to,” he deftly lied.

“Really?” squeaked Anya and snatched up another copy, studying it closely. “Madonna? Material girl?”

“She changes her music style as often as she changes her looks. This one has a… sexiness to it.”

“Well then let’s buy it. Let’s buy this CD and head right home and have a heavy make-out session which leads to lots of orgasms for me!” She exclaimed much too loudly, making the boy behind the counter and the couple browsing the soundtracks look up with amusement.

Needless to say, Xander bought the CD and got her home as quickly as possible.


After making sure Anya was thoroughly trapped working at the Magic Box, Xander called in a favor and took off from work during the sunniest part of the day. Quickly, he made his way to Spike’s crypt, easily pushed the door open, and looked around. The place was trashed. The chair was tipped over and the carpets all askew. Spike’s housekeeping had really slipped lately. Seeing no sign of the vampire, he made his way to the open trap door that led to Spike’s subterranean bedroom. A lone torch flickered near the head of the bed. 

He discovered the vampire sprawled across his bed, face down, mouth partially open. Xander could see no signs of breath or movement. A sheet had been half-heartedly pulled over him, covering him from the waist down. His left shoulder and a leanly muscled arm dangled over the side of the bed. A half-empty bottle of whiskey lay just beyond the fingertips where it had apparently fallen.

Xander stood for several minutes, studying the vamp. The sheet did more to accentuate the buttocks it was covering than conceal them. Spike shifted in his sleep, maybe sensing the boy, and rolled over on his back. The sheet wound around his body and was pulled tight across his hips and legs. Xander forced his eyes to jump from the revealed bulge. The muscular arm now lay across a chest most men would die to have. The vampire closed his mouth and ran his tongue over his teeth as if wondering what he had eaten and then lay still again. Xander could sympathize. He’d done that a couple of times in his life. Several in the last couple of weeks.

As Xander watched, it seemed the vampire grew even more still, if that was possible. It was as if there was a tensing of his whole body. His nostrils fluttered slightly and his chest rose minutely, then the tension was gone. “Harris,” Spike muttered without moving or opening his eyes. “What’re you doing here?”

“I was bored,” Xander shrugged.

This did cause Spike to crack his lids slightly and look up at the boy. “Well, do it somewhere else.”

“Nope. My plan involves you.”

“I’m in no mood to beat you at pool today. Besides. It’s the middle of the day. The Bronze is closed.  Now, go away and let the nice vamp sleep!”

Xander strolled over to Spike’s boom box and punched the lid open, reveling a homemade CD labeled in purple sharpie. “’Dust the Vamps Mix?’ This is one of Buffy’s workout CD’s. I was there when Willow made it for her.”

“Yeah? Well. It’s got some rocking tunes on it. Red’s got good taste. Stop criticizing my shopping habits and go away.”

Xander pulled a green and blue covered CD case from his pocket and replaced Spike’s purloined disc with the one from it. He programmed the player and stepped back beside the bed. As the music started to play, he began to untuck his shirt.

    Young velvet porcelain boy / Devour me when you're with me
    Blue wish window seas / Speak delicious fires

Madonna sang, Spike opened his eyes, and propped himself up on his elbows. “Oi! What’s this about?”

Xander pulled off his shirt, displaying a chest made muscular by hard work on the construction site. “Remember this song, Spike?”

“No. Why should I? Doesn’t mean a thing to me,” Spike said far too quickly.

Warm moist desire/ Fly to me

“Oh, I think you remember.” Xander toed off his loose sneakers and undid his belt.

“Hang on! If you think I want…”

“Shhhh. Listen. What does it mean to you? How did you feel when you sang this to me?” Spike was confused. As much as Xander had ever been uncomfortable or angry around him, he was now broadcasting sex. The tables had been successfully turned. Spike sat up and unconsciously pulled the sheet up to cover his chest like the heroine in a movie.

The sacred nerve is magic poison / It's candy, it's candy

You're a candy perfume boy /You're candy

“Nothing. I was teasing you!”

Xander slipped off his loose pants, revealing that he had gone regimental that day, his cock half erect. “Well, I’ve been thinking about it. I wanted to hear it again, but I was worried you would know I’d played it and you’d tease me. I had to go and buy a copy so I could hear it again. It’s okay because Anya likes that I come so hard during that song. You know why, Spike? I keep thinking about you.”

“Well, lots of extra orgasms for the both of you, glad I could help. Thanks for sharing. Go home now,” Spike babbled.

“No, Spike. You see, I do not want you in my head. I do not want you in my bed. I fought it, tried to forget, but then I figured it out.” Xander grabbed the sheet, tugged it out of the vampire’s hands, and tossed it aside. “Until I know what it’s like, I’ll keep imagining it.”

“Oh. Well.” Spike sputtered. “What makes you think I want to help you?”

“Because. You. Are. Bored.” Xander crept up on the bed and Spike slid down to get away until Xander was over the vamp on his hands and knees. “I picked out a song for you, Spike,” he said as the first song ended.

    Do I know you from somewhere?
    Why do you leave me wanting more?
    Why do all the things I say
    Sound like the stupid things I've said before?

“Xander…” Spike choked.

“Shhhh,” soothed Xander, lowering his warm chest to the vampire’s cool one. 

    (Put your hand on my skin)
    (Put your hand on my skin)
    (Put your hand on my skin)
    Kiss me, I'm dying

Xander kissed the vampire, his lips soft and dry. The vampire tried to push his head back further into the pillow, but made no further resistance. “Come on, Spike. I’ll know, you’ll know. It will give us something else to think about when we’re bored.” He continued planting soft kisses on the vampire’s lips and face between words. “It’ll be a secret in a place where they are so hard to keep. I’ll be… new.”

    Put your hand on my skin
    I close my eyes
    I need to make a connection
    I'm walking on a thin line
    I close my eyes
    I close my eyes

Spike did close his eyes, muttered “what the hell,” and returned Xander’s kisses with growing fervor. He put his hands on the boy’s warm back and slid them down to his hips. “So who’s on top, Mate?”

Xander stopped kissing and drew back. “Neither. Let’s just… touch.”

“Works for me,” Spike said and pulled Xander’s hips down until he lay flat atop him. Xander gasped at the contact of cool skin and hard cock.

    I've got this thing
    I want to make a correction
    I'm not like this all the time
    You've got this thing
    You've got this thing

Xander had never felt anything like this. His penis was trapped between their firm bellies and rubbing against Spike’s very hard penis. Experimentally, he started to thrust. Smooth skin slid over and against smooth skin in all kinds of wonderful directions.

Spike ran his hands lightly over Xander’s back, enjoying the warmth and strength of him. Spike had not often taken human lovers, and too rarely willing ones. Sure, he didn’t normally like men, but he had admitted to himself long ago that he found Xander to be attractive.

Xander was soon sweating and it ran over Spike in rivulets. He stopped the boy’s motions. “Hold on a sec. Get the slippery out of the drawer by the bed.”

Xander glared down at him. “I told you I didn’t want…”

“Nor do I. But with the way you’re sweating, we’ll rub ourselves raw.”

“Oh,” Xander hid his blush by climbing off and opening the bedside drawer. Inside was an assortment of cigarette packs, lighters, a dagger, a rumpled Penthouse, wristwatches, and wads of cash. “What’s all this, Spike?” Xander asked as he avoided the sharp tip of the dagger to pick out the tube of KY jelly, which had been squeezed in the middle.

Spike shrugged and held out his hand. “Same thing any hundred-year-old punk vampire has near his bed.” Spike squeezed out a generous dollop of lube, tossed the tube back in the drawer, and fisted his cock, making the pale column of marble glisten in the dim light. Spike went on to run his hand over his flat abs, spreading the coating everywhere, then casually wiped his hand off on the sheets. “Well, you coming back?”

Xander dismissed Spike’s clutter and climbed back on top. The vampire was right. The slippery layer made it all so much nicer.

The CD player started “Candy Perfume Girl” again. The world was nothing but the two of them just feeling, experimenting. Xander wondered at the way Spike’s flesh warmed under him, and how different Spike’s sharp hipbones felt than Anya’s rounded curves. Spike enjoyed the beat of Xander’s heart against his chest, the smell of his arousal, and the light kisses Xander would absently plant on his face, his eyes closed.

At first Xander was lost in the sensations, but it soon intruded that something was missing. Something was keeping him from the edge. He'd dreamed about this, it should have been wham-bam-thank-you-vamp-man after so much build up. He tried thrusting harder, growing more frantic, until the vampire stilled him.

“Whoa, Harris. What’s going on?”

“It’s… not right.” Xander held himself up on fatigue-trembling arms. “Something’s not right.”

Spike nodded, once, and pulled the boy back down on top of him. He felt the human’s heart thundering against his chest and the sweat trickling down both of them. “Rest,” he said and ran his hands lightly over the boy’s back as if he were calming a skittish horse. Soon Xander completely relaxed, draped over the vampire. When he felt the boy’s heart slow to normal he asked quietly, “What’s not right?” Xander shifted his hips, feeling the vamps’ still hard penis and his own semi-erect one slide past one another. “Tell me, Pet, or neither one of us will get off.” Xander rose up and looked in the vampire’s blue eyes, hesitating. “I’m starting to get bored, here,” Spike quipped.

Xander drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He thrust again; let the fantasies that had built themselves in his mind over the past few weeks return. Ever since that night at the Bronze when Spike had teased him, he had started fantasizing about Spike. Not about men, cause not gay, but about Spike. He had thrown himself into sex with Anya with a renewed frenzy. She had not a clue as to what was going on in his head and thought it all about her. Xander thought he could banish it by listening to that song, but it had only brought back the whole thing. He felt himself grow hard again when he realized what was missing. “Do it,” he said, his voice husky.

“What? Do what ‘it?’ You have to narrow it down, boy. There are so many ‘its’ I could do. Bite you, maybe?” Spike added hopefully. He’d much rather bite Xander than fuck him.

“No! No.” Xander kept his eyes closed, shaking his head. “Look at me like… like you did that night. At the Bronze. When the song played.”

“Oh. Sexual Predator mode.” Spike purred.

Any lack of hardness in Xander’s erection fled at the sound. “Oh God, Yes.”

    Kiss me, I'm dying

    Touch me, I'm trying, ohhh
    I'm not like this all the time
    I'm not like this all the time

“Look at me, Luv.” Xander opened his eyes to find Spike looking hungrily up at him. The blue eyes were dilated and lidded. “Move for me, Pet. Make us both come.” It was like being doused in attention napalm.

“God!” Xander choked and started thrusting again. Spike slipped his hands between them and trapped both hard cocks against his belly with his long fingers.

Put your hand on my skin
Put your hand on my skin
Put your hand on my skin

He timed his thrusts to be counter to Xander’s, creating double long strokes. Xander looked into those blue eyes filled with nothing but desire for him one more time and he stilled, teetering on that brink of pleasure. Wickedly, Spike’s poked out his long tongue flicked out and delicately licked his upper lip. “My candy perfume boy,” he purred. That was all it took to send Xander thrusting hard and erratic over the edge.

He collapsed on Spike, who shoved at his hip as soon as the boy stopped gasping. “Slide off, Pet.” Xander rolled off, lay on his side, and watched as Spike took his own cock in hand. With hard pulls that Xander knew would have ripped his mortal dick off, Spike worked his erection. He glanced over at the post-orgasm fuzzy boy. “Did… Did you like that? What I did? How I feel?” he asked, apparently needing a nudge as Xander had.

Xander grinned, realizing he wasn’t the only one with fantasies. He leaned over and gently kissed the vampire’s gasping mouth once. “It was the best, Spike. I’ve never felt anything like it,” he murmured, pouring desire into his words.

Spike looked into the boy’s brown eyes once again to see the satisfaction and happiness there before crashing into his own waves of pleasure.

Xander watched as the white marble body tensed all over, the long fingers feverishly working his cock. He admired how the lean body arched and a growl was torn from Spike’s throat. Come roped onto Spike’s chest as he morphed into demon face and rumbled out his pleasure.

Soon both lay spent and sticky. The boom box had ended is programmed serenade unnoticed.

“Shit,” Xander said suddenly. “What time is it?”

“Who cares?” Spike murmured, spent and almost back to sleep.

Xander launched himself out of bed and started pulling on his clothes. “I have to get back to the construction site. I called in a couple of favors to get a long lunch and to throw Anya off my trail should she call.” He slipped on his shoes and headed for the stairs.

“Hey, Harris. You left your music.”

Xander paused and took a last look at the naked, relaxed vampire sprawled on the sex-messed bed. “Nah. That’s your copy. Anya likes how hard I come during the forth song. And now probably the fifth.”

Xander left and Spike drifted off, no need to drink away the fantasies haunting him any more. His last sleepy thought was that he was proud of the boy having learned his lesson about not being bored.


Two weeks later, Spike found himself drawn into another Scooby meeting at the Magic Box. He and Xander had done quite well at keeping the boredom lesson to themselves. Spike had new material to contemplate, and apparently Xander and Anya were happy, judging by how she cuddled up to her man. Spike admired how well the boy ignored him as was his long habit.

He sat on the steps and watched the Scoobies interact, playing their sidekick roles while they awaited the Slayer. Anya cuddled Xander and played with his hair. Tara and Willow worked on her laptop, and Giles was gathering books. He found himself growing bored.

With a grin to himself, he started humming. As planned, Anya was soon quietly singing to Xander. “’I’m your candy perfume girl…’ Hey! Why are you humming our song?” Xander flinched at the volume change in his ear, and Anya suddenly wheeled on Spike.

“I was humming?” he asked wide-eyed. “Oh, yeah. Some tune on the jukebox at the Bronze. Damn thing’s stuck in my head.”

“But it’s our song. Ours! You can’t hum it!” Anya cried shrilly.

“So you co-wrote songs with Madonna? I’d think you were more a material girl.” Spike risked a glance at Xander to see the boy attempting to hide his amusement.

“While I appreciate the rampant capitalism in her early works, I also happen to know that 'Ray of Light' is the best make-out album ever!”

“Ayn…” Xander tried to interrupt.

“Candy Perfume is our song! Mine and Xander’s! We have lots of orgasms to it!”

Willow rolled her eyes, Tara stifled a giggle, and Giles, in a well-practiced move, just ignored her.


“I will not have it sullied by hearing you hum it!”

“Anya! Please. No one wants to hear about our soundtrack.” Xander pulled Anya back down to her seat, shooting a secret, amused wink at Spike.

“Well, a soundtrack would make this place less boring,” Spike sighed back with a small smile, turning his attention to Buffy as she came in.



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