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Part three in the Candy Perfume Boys series
BtVS Summer 4/5
Teaser: Spike and Xander are both feeling left out at the Bronze.
Rated R

Thanks to Donovan for the beta!

Candy Perfume Boys


Magic Poison

Spike was rather surprised to discover the Scoobies at the Bronze. Since the girls had gone to college, they had pretty much stopped coming here. Perhaps he could find some fun this dull night after all. If nothing else, he may be able to talk to Buffy. Spike cursed himself again. Ever since he had realized he loved Buffy, his life had been even more of a hell.

He sensed the Slayer first. His eyes jumped to a broad, blue-clad back on the dance floor. A pair of small hands with fingers interlaced behind the big bull neck were all of the Slayer that was visible behind the great wall that was Riley Finn. Spike growled deep in his chest. He couldn’t understand what she saw in the corn-fed cowboy. No Buffy touch tonight. Spike continued his search. He found Tara and Willow doing a cute jiggle and sway to the music, laughing. Cute birds. He regretted not having the chance to turn Willow the year before. They could have had some serious fun. Where were the rest?

He cast his eyes and senses around until he found Xander alone leaning on the railing of the catwalk above. He had a half-empty beer dangling in one hand as he emptily watched his friends below. Spike searched more but there was no demon girl and no Watcher. Not that the Watcher was ever seen at the Bronze unless he was helping kill something. Spike studied the boy above him and saw only loneliness and isolation. His decision made, Spike fed a few coins into the jukebox, climbed the metal stairs, and came up beside Xander.

“Look at them. Writhing away. Not a one of them with rhythm,” Spike said, leaning on the railing beside Xander.

Xander glanced at the vampire and shrugged. “I always thought Buffy had a natural, Slayer grace.”

“Oh, yeah. She’s got that in spades. The first time I ever saw her, she was dancing.”

“I remember that night,” Xander said absently.

“Why she dances with him, I don’t know. Look at the clod, he can barely pick up his feet.”

“I can’t hate Riley. I can’t love him, but I can’t hate him, either,” Xander observed, sipping his beer.

They watched the dancers moving below in companionable silence. “Where’s demon girl?” Spike finally asked.

“Oh, Anya’s mad about some little thing. I ogled a pretty girl for a fraction of a second too long or something. I think she misses the big vengeance gig, so she takes it out on me in little ways.”

“Could be. You have a gig long enough, you miss it when it’s gone.”

Xander looked over at the vampire. “Like being the Big Bad?”

“Hey, I’m still bad.” Spike shrugged, staring at Buffy. “And I hate you all.”

“Right, fangless.”

“Wanker,” Spike shot back, habitually.

“What the hell is a wanker, anyway?”

The music changed at that very moment.

    Young velvet porcelain boy / Devour me when you're with me
    Blue wish window seas / Speak delicious fires

Sod the Slayer. Spike turned on his sexual prowess and met Xander’s eyes. Harris was alone and lonely and Buffy was with her soldier, so why shouldn’t he mess with the boy? If the boy weirded out, fun for him to watch. If  Harris took him up on his offer, hey, sex! “They’re playing our song, Pet,” Spike purred.  “I can show you exactly what a wanker is, if you’re bored.” He could hear the boy’s heart speed up.

Xander had done his best to move on from his one encounter with the vampire. Experiencing what it was like to touch the vampire, to see him naked, had banished the worst of his obsession. But he had to admit the attraction was still there. Now here was this creature of pure sexual energy focused entirely on him. Spike wasn’t asking for anything more than a little pleasure in return, a little contact in this lonely world. Xander acknowledged they had that much in common. “What… what are you saying, Spike?”

    The sacred nerve is magic poison / It's candy, it's candy    

    You're a candy perfume boy /You're candy

Spike faced Xander and drew him up to face him, his hands on the boy’s arms. “What I’m saying, Pet, is we can go somewhere dark and find some way to be less bored.”

Xander swallowed and shot a glance down at his friends. “What if…”

“What if what if they see you’re gone? So what? Do you really think they’re going to notice if you’re gone for five minutes? They’ll think you’ve gone to the gentleman’s room.” Spike tilted his head and licked his lips.

Xander watched that pink tongue caress Spike’s full bottom lip and remembered how soft it was to kiss. He glanced again at his occupied friends and nodded.

Spike took Xander’s half-empty beer and drained it in three long swallows. He set the bottle down on a near-by table, turned, and led the way to a shadowed corner. Xander followed, but balked at going in. “This is…”

“Make out corner, yeah. Come on, Pet. Don’t tell me you’ve never been in there.”

“Well… no.”

Spike grabbed the boy’s hand and dragged him in. “Don’t be shy now, Pet. Where did you think we’d go? Out back where the slayer might see?” The niche was created by a main support pillar, the outer wall, and the closed door to the lighting grid access. The only light there was filtered from above. Xander knew from peeks he had taken in the past, that there was no way to see what went on from outside.

Before he could look around, Spike had him up against the door, undoing his belt and kissing him. “Come on, Love,” he breathed. “We don’t have much time.”

Xander just as quickly undid the vampire’s jeans. Soon, they each had hold of one another’s hard cocks, their other arms around one another’s waists. “Nice that you’re left handed,” gasped Xander. Spike just kissed him to shut him up.

Xander felt the sweat slide down his chest as he worked the cool, hard cock so unlike his own. He glanced down and could see the foreskin winking over the glistening head. Despite his inexperience with handling someone else’s equipment, it took only a few short minutes before Spike came. Xander thought he saw a flash of yellow in the vampire’s eyes as he growled his pleasure. Oddly, instead of scaring him, that was all it took to overcome Xander’s nervousness and make him come as well.

Xander sagged against the door and watched as Spike swiftly tucked himself away and did up the buttons on his jeans. “Thanks, Pet. You’ve made the evening less boring. By the way, we’re both wankers.” With a wry grin, Spike left Xander panting in the dark.

Xander sagged, and willed his breath to even out. He couldn’t believe he’d been with the vampire again, and that he’d liked it so much. A sudden giggle from outside the niche made Xander hurriedly pull himself together and duck past the couple kissing outside.

Xander reclaimed his perch on the rail, seeking out his friends in the crowd below. He found Buffy sitting on Riley’s lap on a loveseat, and Tara and Willow with their heads together at the bar. He stood there through a whole song and none of them even looked up once. A dark stillness near the exit caught his eye. He found Spike watching Buffy and Riley. As if sensing his attention, Spike looked up at the boy, a sad smile on his face. With a sharp duck of the head in salute, Spike turned and left.

Xander climbed down the stairs, enjoying the lassitude from his encounter. After standing by the kissing couple for a few minutes, Xander cleared his throat.

“Oh, Xander. Are you going for more beer? ‘Cause I could use one.” Buffy babbled, playing with Riley’s hair and not looking at her good friend after the first glance.

“Um. No. I’m headed home.”

“Okay. See you around,” she said, and went back to kissing her soldier. No offer of an escort home, no requests to stay.

Quietly, Xander walked home. He knew nothing of the white-haired figure which shadowed him protectively. Once safe, he put Madonna on repeat, and thought about the desire that had been directed at him. Even though it had been from Spike, he had been made to feel needed and welcome. Xander masturbated alone until he fell asleep.



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