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Part four in the Candy Perfume Boys series
BtVS Season 5
Warning for the tiniest bit of blood play.
Teaser: Xander goes to Spike to learn more about Dracula, and gets more than he asked for
Rated R

Candy Perfume Boy


Heady Danger

Xander hesitated outside Spike’s crypt. He had something to ask Spike that only he could tell him. At least, he didn’t think Spike would think he was overreacting like Giles did.

Xander pushed the door open and stuck his head in. “Knock, knock! Spike!”

“I’m right here, you don’t have to shout,” came the vamp’s voice from the one comfy chair. Xander hesitated. “Come in and close the door, you're getting the room all bright.”

Xander wandered in and perched on the edge of the sarcophagus. “What cha up to?”

“Reading. You should learn how some time.” Spike peered up at Xander from over his book. “Why? You bored?”

“Not really, well, that too, but I have something I want to ask you about.”

“Dracula, right?” Disinterested, Spike turned back to his book.

“Um, yeah, how did you…” 

“Poncy bugger thralled you.” 

“Er… How do you know that?”

“I can smell his power on you, pet. Lucky for you he just cast a spell and didn’t bite you. Although I don’t know why he didn’t.” Spike shrugged. “His loss.”

“His power! His power is still on me!” Xander hopped up and started to pace. “But Buffy killed him! It should be gone!”

“Piffle. She didn’t kill him, and it’s just some residual energy.”

“I need to get Giles to get it off me!” Xander started toward the door.

“Calm down, I can do it.” With a sigh, Spike dog-eared his page and tossed the book aside.

“You can? You know magic?”

Spike pushed himself out of his chair and started rummaging around in a cabinet. “You don’t live as long as I have and hang out with a magically-inclined loony like Dru without picking up some stuff. It’s not much, just a cleansing spell, but it should work.” Spike came up with a cigar box and pulled out a smudge stick.

Spike lit the smudge stick, blowing on it until it produced a trail of pungent smoke. “Stand still, relax,” he ordered. Spike walked three times counter-clockwise around Xander, chanting under his breath and spreading the smoke.

That done, he snubbed out the smudge stick and dropped back in his chair. “You’re clean. Well, as clean as you ever are. Although I can’t say I completely dislike your natural musk.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. So what else worries you about this ponce?”

Xander took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “The sex, Spike. He used sex to manipulate me. I… I wanted him. It wasn’t right. Me wanting a…” He saw the look Spike was giving him. “A poofy, over-dressed, pasty count like him. I mean you’re pale, but he’s dead white. So unattractive.”

“I know how it works, Pet. Anything else?”

“Apart from the ick factor of bug eating. And I’m sick of being the butt monkey, by the way.” Spike shot him a look, which clearly spelled out that he’d never had the pleasure, which Xander waved away. “Well, it was… kinda exciting.”

Spike sat up straighter. “What was, Pet?”

“Being… controlled. I mean, he could have asked me to do anything…”

“But he didn’t. I mean. He didn’t touch my… you?”

Xander quirked a brow at Spike’s slip but let it go. “No. Fortunately for me he had his hots set for Buffy and had me bring her to him.”

“I should dust the creep for that,” Spike muttered. “Coming into my town, messing with my people. And he still owes me eleven pounds. Although with interest it’s a couple of thousand by now…”

“Can you thrall people, Spike?” Xander asked suddenly, getting excited at the thought despite himself.

Spike quirked a brow and smiled wickedly. “I can,” he answered, his voice low. He'd never admit Dracula could do something he couldn't.

“Have you thralled me, Spike? I mean, I don’t know why I keep thinking about…  Not that I really mind, ‘cause I secretly like it.” Xander cut off his own babble and sighed. “I just want to know.”

“No, Pet. What ever you do, it’s all in your own head. If I chose to pull someone’s strings, do you think it would be yours?”

Xander was surprised how much that remark hurt. “Oh. Probably not. So you just mess with me ‘cause you’re bored?”

Spike rose gracefully from his seat, prowled up close to Xander, and looked him deep in his eyes. “You interest me. You… please me. Do you want me to thrall you?

“How… how does it work?” Xander felt his excitement returning.

“You just listen. If a person is… open to me. Are you open to me, Xander?”


Spike brought a hand up and gestured melodramatically at Xander. “You will do as I say. I will use you fairly and as I please.”

“Yes, Spike.”

“Address me properly, whelp.”

“Master… please.”

Spike grinned wickedly. “Undress me, whelp.”

Respectfully, Xander removed Spike’s clothes, laying them neatly on a bench. When he was nude, Xander stepped back, not looking at the lean, pale body before him.

“Look at me, whelp.” Spike commanded. “I know you desire me. Look at what you desire.”

Hesitantly, Xander raised his eyes and looked over Spike. This was not right. He shouldn’t be getting so turned on by looking at Spike. Touching him and being touched was just a… masturbation thing, but this looking was wrong. Still, Spike’s body was a work of art. All clean muscles and pale skin. Xander felt his cock strain against his boxers.

“Undress yourself, now, whelp.” Swallowing hard, Xander complied. He blushed under the vampire’s unashamed appraisal. “Now come over here.” Xander respectfully came to stand before Spike, keeping his eyes squarely on the muscular chest. “Kneel before me, whelp.”

Xander’s eyes snapped up. “No. I mean, I’ll play along, but I’m not gonna…” Xander sputtered.

Spike rolled his eyes. “Pansy. You can’t even say ‘suck your cock.’ Fine. We’ll play another game. Turn around!”

“Exit only, Spike!”

Spike tamped down his disappointment, but covered it by taking command of the situation. He took Xander’s hips and ordered him. “Turn around, whelp."

 “No, Spike you know I don’t…”

“Quiet. I heard you. Game’s changed.” Spike turned the boy around and pushed him to lean against he wall. He ran his long fingers over the boy’s muscular and tanned back. He smiled at how the skin quivered under his cool, light touch.  He pressed his hands flat, slid them around to the boy’s chest, stepped close, and laid his chest against the broad, tanned back before him. His hard cock dug against a hollowed cheek.

Spike breathed on the back of Xander’s neck, pressing his erection against the boy’s flank. “Feel that, whelp?” The boy nodded. “That’s what you do to me. It’s you making me hard.” Xander groaned in reply. Spike ran a hand down to grasp the boy’s growing erection. “Am I the cause of this?” Spike squeezed.

“God yes, Spike.” Xander started to turn, but Spike held the larger man still with a hand on his chest.

“Stay there.” Spike’s voice was a low rumble. “You know,” he said, sniffing at Xander’s neck. First one side, then the other, like an animal scenting prey. He could hear the boy’s heart quicken. “I think if you let me, I could bite you.”

“Spike…” Xander choked. Had the chip stopped working? What was the vampire playing at?

“Shhh,” Spike breathed in his ear. “I just said maybe I could.” Xander heard a familiar crackle and turned his head to see Spike’s demon features close to his own.  “Do what I say, and I won’t bite.” A shuddering thrill ran through Xander. He got the game now.

“Yes, Master,” he breathed.

Spike worked the length of Xander’s cock as he pressed against him. He growled low in his chest and sniffed at the boy again. “You didn’t lie. No other vampire’s touched you.”

“N… no Master. Only you.”

“Perhaps I should make my claim more… obvious.” Spike opened his mouth wide and pressed the points of his longest fangs against the boy’s neck. Xander quivered under him, his knees wobbling. Spike drew back and licked the spot instead of biting. “What do you think?” Spike worked his cock and tweaked a nipple. “The tiniest of sips and no other vamp would dare touch you.”

Looking back at Spike, Xander slipped out of character. “Really? I mean, that would be a good thing, but then…”

Spike snarled and squeezed the cock in his hand, almost painfully hard. “Quiet, whelp. Do you really think yourself worthy of that?”

“Well, no…” Xander lowered his head again.

Spike fought to regain control of the game. “Think.” He licked the length of the boy’s neck. “Let me taste and I’ll know you better. And you can better please me.”

Xander swallowed. He’d come close to being bitten before, but it had never happened. He had to admit that his Spike fantasies had involved being bitten, but only a tiny bit bitten. “Yes, Master. Although I’m barely worthy enough to allow even a drop of my blood to be drunk by you.” 

“That’s right,” Spike purred. His cock grew even harder in anticipation. The boy would allow him a taste. He turned Xander around and pressed him back against the wall. Xander swallowed, his eyes flicking over the demon before him.  Spike growled and pressed against him again. “Touch me,” he commanded.

Xander startled and brought his hands up to wrap his fingers around Spike’s hard cock. It may have just been his imagination, but it seemed somehow different; larger and… more curved. Before he could look or question, Spike leaned in, opening his mouth wide. Xander froze, panting through his mouth.

Spike paused, experiencing Xander’s fear and excitement with his demon senses. The chip, the damned sodding chip. If it fired, the fun would end. “I want to bite you, Xander. I want a tiny taste… If I may, say so.” His lips moved against Xander’s skin, making him shiver again.

“Spike… Master. Please. Take a smidge…” Xander raised his chin, providing a clear invitation.

Spike chose his target carefully, and, using a skill learned long ago, made a puncture no bigger than that from a rose thorn. The chip merely tingled, and he let the demon face drop. He growled and felt the boy’s heart beat against his chest. He drew out several drops of blood and rolled them around on his tongue. “Xanderrrrrrr,” he purred. “You taste so sweet.”

“God!” Xander gasped. “Spike, I…”

“Work me, Pet. Make me come.” Even as he spoke, Spike brought his hand up to Xander’s leaking cock.

Xander pressed Spike’s head back to the wound. “Just there, Spike, lick…” His request was cut short when Spike licked the wound again using the barest tip of his tongue, collecting the beaded blood. Xander reacted by pumping Spike’s cock, even as the vampire worked his. Soon, they were both coming, leaning on each other.

They stood, gasping and supporting one another with heads on shoulders and hands on hips for several minutes until Spike left Xander to slide down the wall as he staggered to his chair and flopped down. “So… do you feel… thralled?” Spike gasped.

“Oh, yeah. Not bored and thoroughly thralled.” Xander smiled.

“Good, fetch me a beer, whelp.”

Some weeks later:

“Spike, one thing bothers me about....” 

“Our last encounter?” Spike asked, arching an eyebrow. Xander darted looks all around the Bronze to make sure no one was eavesdropping. Spike rolled his eyes. “No one here but us wankers, Pet. I already told you I didn’t really thrall you.” 

“That’s not it. You said Dracula owes you eleven pounds. What was the wager?”

Spike grinned. “Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you.”

Xander let Spike order the most expensive beer on the menu and sat down at a small table with him. “It was in the ‘30’s…”

“Nineteen ‘30’s?” Xander interrupted.

“Yeah. I wasn’t alive in the 1830’s. Anyway. We met up in Paris. The ponce was still riding on his book fame, you see. And he comes in this club all swirly cape and too-pale skin. Well, there was this pretty bloke I’d had my eye on all evening. Who do you think Dracky makes a bat-line for?”

“You were after a guy?”

“Well, yeah. Where you been? This guy was beautiful. Thick black hair, angelic green eyes, tight body. Ugh! Even the straightest of blokes were saluting him. Anyway, so I goes over to Drac and point out I’ve already bought the prize two drinks. He calls me irrelevant and tries to sideline me. So I take him aside and we work out this agreement. I bet him I could get the prize to walk out of there with me rather than him.”

“Why eleven pounds?”

“Bar tab.” Spike sat back and savored his beer.


“And what? The boy snubbed Drackie and went home with me!”

“That’s it? What happened then?" 

“I took him home, played with him, and ate him. For dinner. Next night I went back to the bar to find my tab unpaid. Ungrateful looser.”

“You ate him?’

“It’s what I did, Pet. Maybe I’ve matured. I like to keep the pretty ones around now.” Spike drained his beer and left Xander to figure out just how and if he’d been complimented.



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