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Part five in the Candy Perfume Boys series
BtVS Season 5
Teaser: Xander gives everyone a treat, then Spike gets one of his own.
Rated R

Candy Perfume Boy


If I Could Melt Your Heart

Unusually, Giles had called a Saturday morning meeting, but more usually, Xander was the last of the Scooby Gang to show up at the Magic Box. He smiled and held up a yellow box as he came in. “Observe, gentlemen,” he said addressing Riley, Giles and pointedly not Spike. “The best line to attract women there ever was or will be.”

“I’ll pay you to sleep with me?” Spike drawled.

Xander glared almost warmly at the vampire. “That’s your line, Spike. I ran into Donovan, the guy who took over my ice cream route. And he gave me… Free. Chocolate. Ice cream.”

Willow, Tara, and Buffy played their parts and clambered around Xander, squealing as he passed out fudgesicle bars. Riley took one and Giles declined. Lastly, Xander extended the box toward Spike.

Spike rolled his eyes. “No thanks, Harris. I don’t like things that are cold and pointless.”

“A line you hear from the women a lot, I bet.”

Buffy ripped hers open. “Ew! It’s all frost bitten.” She eyed the ice crystals as if they were demon eggs.

“Hence the free,” Xander explained. “Run a little water over them and they’re fine.”

Riley dropped his back into the box, unopened.

Xander unwrapped his ice cream and chatted on. “Anya says to tell you all she’s getting over her cold, and don’t worry about her, really. Which translates as I better go home with flowers.”

Once the washing of the chocolates had taken place and everyone settled down with admonishments from Giles to not drip on the books, Giles settled in to telling them about the latest threat.

Xander wasn’t listening. He was working the fudgesicle in and out of his mouth in an attempt to tease Spike. He had hoped he could be the one to watch Spike, but the vamp literally didn’t bite. Spike was pointedly not looking his way. Apparently, he was paying attention to Giles.

Spike kept his grin suppressed with some effort. The boy so wanted him to notice, but to look his way could easily lead to their secret trysts being discovered. The silly boy did not notice how clearly he was reflected in the display case behind Giles. Spike watched almost jealously as the chocolate slid in and out from between Xander’s full lips. The boy wouldn’t do that for him. Well, not yet. Perhaps he meant it as an offer? Or a request? Spike shifted on the stairs, making sure his duster was across his lap.

Giles faltered in his pontificating, making Xander look his way, ice cream half in his mouth. “What?” he mumbled, then took it out. Xander made a show of looking at the table before him. “Did I drip?”

“Um, no.” Giles said, clearing his throat. “But perhaps the treats should be finished before I tell you what we are up against so they will no longer be a distraction.” Giles turned and stalked off behind the register. Spike leaned back slightly and peeked at the Watcher as his careful façade slipped.  Spike grinned as Giles bit his lip, closed his eyes, and adjusted the bulge in his tweed trousers. Spike looked quickly back to the Scoobies. The girls glanced at one another and broke out in giggles.  Riley looked uncomfortable and sat with his arms folded, staring pointedly at his army-issue boots. Xander happily licked drips off the sides of his treat with long strokes of his tongue, showing off a bit now that Spike was finally looking his way. When Spike finally met his eyes with a carefully schooled look of disinterest, the vampire saw the twinkle in the brown depths, and looked away.

“Watcher, this isn’t leading up to killing something right away, so I’m going to catch the CNN recap later. It will be less boring.” Spike proclaimed, dropping their code word for a rendezvous. “I’ll be at my crypt should I be needed." With a swirl of coat, Spike made his exit through the basement door.

Fighting back a pout, Xander bit off the chocolate in three bites and wrapped up the stick in the paper.

Giles, once more composed, came back into the shop and cleared his throat. “Now, if snack time is over, perhaps you would like to hear about what we have to kill before it kills us?" 

The door to the sewers had no sooner closed behind Spike than he pulled open the buttons on his jeans. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall of the tunnel as he freed his aching penis, wrapping his long fingers around it. He could see the cool ice cream being slowly drawn in and out of those warm lips. He licked his own, imagining kissing Xander with the over-sweet, sticky residue still on them. It wasn’t long before the vampire shot long ropes of cum across the tunnel. Happy, Spike strode off home, knowing that if Xander was half as teased as he was, the boy would soon seek him out.

It was four in the evening before Xander showed up carrying a red, white, and blue box. “Hey, Spike. I thought I’d bring the Brit an American treat.”

Spike pretended to be disinterested and didn’t look away from the grainy rerun he was watching on his battered TV. “So why aren’t you at the Watcher’s? He’s Brit, too.”

“Because, well, Giles is boring and doesn’t know any way to over come his boringness.”

Spike looked up at Xander, attempted to keep a straight face, and failed. “So what about the big scary? Everything get killed right and proper?”

“It was a mistranslation. Seems the baddie is going to show up in Russia in five years.”

Spike stood and came over to the boy. “So what took you so long?”

“I had to get away from Anya. She… clings.”

“And I just use and move on?” Spike asked with a tilt of his head.

Xander was startled by this observation. He didn’t feel used. Besides, it was mutual, he thought. “Um, well, it’s what we do. If you want to stop…”

Spike closed the gap between them and planted a firm kiss on the boy’s lips. “No, Pet. I like what we got. No head games. No hitting.” He cupped his hand around the boy’s growing erection and rubbed lightly. “And only the right kinds of friction.”

Xander gulped. “I… I   brought some bomb pops.”

“And what are those?” Spike teasingly brushed the boy’s lips with his own and slid his hand around to cup the boy’s ass. 

“I’ll show you…” Xander pulled away before he got too over-excited. He took a novelty out and ripped off the wrapper, revealing a red, white, and blue popsicle. “See? American. Three flavors.”

“I told you I don’t like cold and pointless, pet. Why bring them to me?”

“Well, um... you didn’t see me earlier…”

Spike grinned inwardly. He was going to get a command performance. “See you what?” he asked teasingly.

“Well, uh… do this. But with the fudgesicle.” Xander met the vampire’s eyes and started licking the treat with long strokes of his tongue. Spike licked his own lips and watched hungrily. Soon, the boy had the cold treat all wet and started to slowly slide it between his lips.

Spike bit his lip and undid his jeans. “That’s lovely, Pet.” He purred. Xander worked the cold pop in and out slowly, pausing only to lick stray drops off his hand. Spike worked his cock as he watched.  “Will you do that for me, Pet?”

Xander looked away. “I don’t think I can. Sorry. It’s just…”

Inwardly, Spike was disappointed. He very much wanted to feel Xander’s hot lips around him. He wanted to feel other things with the boy, too, but he knew how easily this sexual agreement could end. “Shush. No worries. I’ll just do it for you, shall I?” The two men quickly stripped, with Xander dropping his popsicle in the process.

Spike guided the boy back to sit on a stone bench covered with a warn, but clean blanket, knelt before him, and unwrapped a new pop. “Three flavors? I bet I can find some way to add another.” Grinning wickedly, Spike licked the bomb pop, wetting its surface much the way Xander had. Looking the boy in the eye, Spike easily deep throated it. Xander swallowed as the red, white, and blue bands vanished in the vampire’s mouth. His cock jumped.

Spike took the bomb pop and ran its red tip over Xander’s nipple, making it harden in the warm air of the crypt. Xander sucked in a sharp breath, panting, as Spike dragged the tip over to the other side of his chest. The cold treat was soon leaving rivulets of sticky juice down Xander’s chest. Spike leaned in and licked off these trails with a tongue seeming warm by contrast to the coldness.

Xander leaned back on his hands as he watched Spike ply his cold toy. Spike worked his way down, bypassing Xander’s throbbing cock, and then licked off trails along the boy’s legs and thighs. Spike liked the human saltiness mixing in with the cherrylimeraspberry flavor of the bomb pop. When he figured the boy was about to beg for attention for his ignored member, Spike ran the pop up his thigh and over his balls. Quickly, he followed the path with his tongue. He glanced up to see the panting boy watching him. Spike grinned. Buffy didn’t know what she was passing up. She didn’t want him, so he’d keep in practice with the wanker. In a fit of meanness, Spike repeated the movement, this time running the pop down between the boy’s spread legs, to coat the area between balls and anus. Xander jumped at this intrusion into forbidden territory. Before the boy could protest, Spike dove in and gathered the drops, snaking his tongue back and over Xander’s flesh. He lingered, licking around and under the tightening balls until Xander was moaning and thrusting upwards, unconsciously allowing the vampire more access. Spike took advantage of the boy raising up to snake his tongue back and take a swipe at the boy’s anus. He knew the boy had showered before coming over and knew he could be fearless.

He was rewarded by Xander gasping and freezing. Spike licked again and again, probing into the musty space. “Spike…” Xander breathed. “What… what are you doing?”

“Hummm?” Lick. “Should I…” Lick. “Stop?” Lick, lick.

“If you like…  doing… that… no…”

“I like the way you like it.” Spike explored a little more, then pulled back. He trailed the cold pop over Xander’s hot erection, spreading sweetness all over it, and making it jump.

“Christ!” gritted Xander as Spike’s long tongue wrapped around his hard shaft, cleaning off the sticky. Spike tossed aside the pop, rose up on his knees, and looked up at Xander from under dark lashes. “Enough sweet. I want salty,” he purred. Spike cupped Xander’s balls with one hand, gently working them. With no preamble, Spike took Xander down his throat. He could at least feel the boy inside him this way. Spike buried his nose in the dark curls and scented the sugar of the pop mixed with pre-cum and Xander musk. He purred his satisfaction, making his throat vibrate around the hard cock filling it.

“God, Spike! You’re driving me crazy!”

“Hummmm?” Spike hummed a question, further teasing the boy.

“Yes! Make me come already! Please!”

Grinning around his mouthful, Spike started to slowly draw the cock in and out. Moving more and more rapidly, it did not take long before Xander arched up into the vampire’s mouth, shooting pent-up come. Spike drank it all down and licked away the last drops as he coaxed them out.

Xander leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees until his breathing evened out. He opened his eyes to see Spike sitting cross-legged on the floor, looking at him and slowly stroking his cock.

“You’ve not, yet,” Xander observed.

“No, I haven’t.” Spike looked down at his hard cock and back at Xander. “Will you help me with this?”

Xander looked uncomfortable. “I can’t... I don’t want…”

“I know you don’t want me inside you anywhere, Pet. Sit like this.” Spike stood, guided Xander to straddle the bench and move closer to the end. Spike sat down between his legs with his back to the boy, and brought the warm arms around him. “Hold me like this, Love. Work me from there.”

Xander reached around the vampire’s narrower chest, which actually fit nicely against him. His fingers found pebbled nipples to pinch. Xander was surprised how nice it felt to hold the vampire like this. Away from the unflinching blue of those eyes, he relaxed and hitched a little closer until his semi-erect cock was trapped between them. Spike purred and pressed back a little against Xander’s chest. Xander breathed into the shell of the ear beside him, making Spike’s purr catch. Grinning, Xander ran a dry tongue over the ear. “Oh, Pet,” Spike sighed.  Encouraged, Xander explored the ear and neck before him. Soon Spike was sighing and stretching his neck like a cat responding to a good chin scratch. Xander lipped at the nape of Spike’s neck, his breath stirring the short, ungeled curls there.

“Oh, yes, Pet,” Spike moaned. Spike took Xander’s hand, which had stilled in his focus on Spike’s neck, and guided it down to his cock. Xander wrapped his fingers around the shaft, and brought his other hand around to caress the vampire’s balls.

“Like this?” he murmured against the vampire’s neck as he worked the hard cock.

Spike shuddered and brought a hand up to cup the back of Xander’s head, his fingers twining in the thick curls. “Teeth. There. Harder, Love.” Xander tentatively bit on the vampire’s neck. Spike gasped and thrust up into Xander’s hands. “Harder. Don’t hold back…” he gasped.

Xander hesitated, but feeling the need quivering in Spike’s body, he drew flesh between his teeth and bit, hard. Xander tasted a little copper as his teeth broke through. Spike cried out and thrust into the hands working him. Xander worried the little wound, pumping the softening penis slower and slower until Spike stilled his hands with a touch. The hand slipped out of his hair to fall limp and Xander drew back to observe his handy work. An oval of tooth marks showed red on the pale flesh of the vampire’s neck. One small spot beaded blood where his canine had punctured. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

“Huh? What ever the hell for?” The vampire was leaning back against him, enjoying the warmth of the boy’s chest against his back.

“I drew blood.”

Absently, Spike reached up and touched the wound. “That?” he chuckled. “That will be gone in an hour or so. But I hope this good feeling lasts a lot longer. That was delicious, Pet.”

“Yeah. Yeah it was.” Xander was suddenly uncomfortable about lingering, talking over things with Spike. They weren’t talking pals; they were… orgasm buddies, yet here he was holding him. He pushed the vampire away. “I, uh, have to get back to Anya.”

“Oh, sure. The sick one.” Spike stood up and stretched like a cat. Xander looked away before he could admire the lean body too much.

“Better clean that up before you get ants.’ Xander pointed to the melted multi-colored puddles of bomb pops.

Spike shrugged, wandered over to his chair, picked up a cigarette and lighter, and lit one. “Sure. You run to your honey and I’ll clean up the mess. It’ll keep me from being bored a little while longer.” Spike exhaled a long plume of smoke and disinterestedly studied the mess.

Xander looked sharply at the vamp’s use of their code word. What was this they had going on? One minute, it seemed the vampire wanted to connect more, to become more, the next he was snarky, loner dude again. Then again, Xander had to admit he felt the same way. He knew himself too well. Either he was with someone or not. Right now, he was with Anya and these trysts were… glorified masturbation. That was all. Besides, what more could this evil creature offer him? It was sad, really doughnut boy Xander being so starved for attention, he turns to a lonely vamp...

Spike looked up and met the boy’s eyes. He thought he saw a flicker of something. Caring? Nah. Pity more likely. Why would Xander want to stick around after he’d had his fun? “Well. Shove off, wanker. I got things to do.”

“Right,” Xander nodded, gathered his clothing, and dressed without a word. 

“Say, Pet.” Xander looked back from the door at the half-dressed vamp. “Thanks for the American treats,” Spike grinned.

“Sure. They’re boring unless you share them, anyway.” With that, Xander left his secret life behind and returned to the real world where good human boys don’t find particular vampires sexy as hell.



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